TinyEYE Online Speech Therapy software requires you to have
the latest version of Adobe Flash Player Plug-in

Here is what you can do:

If you do not have Administrative Access, please click here to load older version of your TinyEYE Office
(If you had pressed YES, but the update did not work you will have to contact your School's tech person so you can do the update)

If you have Administrative Access and want to make the update now, please press YES below

(If you see a yellow bar at the top of this window that has a "Run this time" button, please click it)
(If you don't see the 'Adobe Flash Player Update' dialog below, try scrolling down)

Please note that it is very important to make this update.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call TinyEYE at 1-877-846-9393.

Flash needs to be allowed before you continue. Please click here and then click Allow

If you didn't get the "Allow/Deny" dialog when clicking the link above, this means Flash is getting blocked by chrome.

To fix this issue, please click the following image and follow the shown steps

Steps to unblock Flash Player in Chrome